Cherubim Jet Geometry

Here are the geometry specs for the Cherubim Jet. Don’t forget that we can pre-order the frames for you with a 80,000 JPY deposit here:  


Take the Guess work out of your NJS Build

Here at Track Supermarket, we often get questions about parts compatibility, size of this component and length of that component. We are aiming to simplify the build process by providing you with a “Can’t-go-wrong” package for your NJS frame. All of the parts except the saddle (due to comfort) are NJS approved items and compatible…


Serious Track Racer Clipless Pedal Package

For serious track racers, clipping out while sprinting is always a worry. Due to the design of the clipless pedals, there are not many options for attaching straps to ensure your feet stay in the clips but G-Race cycling has you covered. G-Race has developed straps to be adapted to clipless pedals and after rigorous…